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Preparing for Your Eye Exam

If you’ve ever had an eye exam, you have likely experienced a variety of procedures to check for vision problems and eye diseases. If you have never had your eyes examined by an ophthalmologist, you don’t need to prepare or worry about the exam procedures. Eye exams involve pain free techniques that check your vision.

An ophthalmologist, a doctor that specializes in eye problems, uses a variety of equipment and procedures to examine your eyes. An ophthalmic slit lamp is a machine that uses high-intensity light combined with a low-powered microscope to examine the inner eye. While some ophthalmologists use devices that capture digital images, an ophthalmic slit lamp uses filters to capture different views of the inside of the eyes. Your doctor will use the slit lamp and microscope to examine the front areas in your eyes first, then examine the back areas in your eyes.

Before your exam, …