Advantages of Open MRI

If you have claustrophobia, you may have difficulty tolerating a standard MRI test. Patients feel as if they cannot escape from the tube. An open MRI machine provides a more open structure with nothing on the sides. This option also may help patients who are obese. Before you opt for this option, learn about the advantages and disadvantages of open MRI.


Your doctor has chosen MRI because the technology provides clear, high-contrast images that best diagnose your condition. Short of having surgery, MRI allows the best method of visualizing tumors, joint problems, infections, and vascular issues. Other methods such as x-rays or CT scans may not work as well. MRI scanners use radio waves to produce images while you are positioned in the magnetic field.


MRI tests require you to remain still and calm. If you cannot, the images will not turn out well. In the past, …

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