Short Notice for a Urine Drug Test? Pass It Fast

When Do Companies Conduct Drug Tests?

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We all know that employment drug screenings are standard for both federal and non-federal regulated industries and companies. It starts as part of the pre-employment process in which the candidate has to be completely clear from drug byproducts and metabolites to begin working.

At the same time, companies have rights based on their drug policy acts to conduct random alcohol and drug tests for current employees. 

However, they have to notify them beforehand by creating a drug-testing policy, which is a mandatory document that will protect the company against discriminations and other liabilities that may happen.

Sometimes it is challenging to cleanse yourself, and you still wish to land a dream job that you want.

Some Drug Tests Are Mandatory


When it comes to private employers, you should have in mind that they do not have a legal requirement to conduct screenings. They are …

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