Looking On The Bright Side of Shavers

Men’s Shaving Products for the Best Shave

Basic shaving is quite easy with the use of a razor swept across your face until all your facial hair is removed. Although you may have been shaving your beard for many years now, it is still beneficial if you hear from dermatologists and barbers who have been shaving men for decades and which might help you get the best possible shave.

It takes more effort and know how to really have a good shave. When you shave you should not keep on repeating the thrusting of the blade on your face or scraping it with a razor to take away all the facial hair. It is actually giving a good one pass shave on your face.

The idea here is to stop spending time running the razor back and forth on your face, but to spend time in prepping your skin for the razor. There is a need to soften the protein in the hair and this can be done by washing your face with a facial cleanser. Using soap is harsh because it washes away that softening oil in the hair.

The next step is to make that shaving cream or gel lather up and let it stay there for two to three minutes so that it can further soften the hair to allow a one-pass shave possible. The longer the lather stays on your face, the better, although spending time is not always practical.

To lather your shaving cream, you don’t just use your fingers but it is best to use a brush for it, which is another shaving product that you will need. Pushing the cream into the hair to make it easier to shave can be done with a good brush.

Don’t be fooled with a multiple blade razor. it is enough to get a single blade razor as it can do a good shaving job, but most professionals prefer a double blade razor, and nothing more as long as you prep your hair properly. Of course you need to make sure that your razor is sharp. If you see a nick in the blade, then you need to discard it. You need to change the blade every week or two especially if you shave everyday. Changing blades is another good reason to stick with an inexpensive single blade. The more expensive the blade like those three or five-blade razors the less likely you may be to change them as often as you should.

Keeping your skin hot and moist will make it easier to have a good shave. To prep your skin use a moist towel and use the towel during the shave to keep the hair soft. You can buy a kit to do this

The proper way to shave is to follow the direction your hair is growing. You may get a closer shave if you go against the grain but this will make the razor burn or ingrown hairs are more likely to offshootl

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