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How Stress can Physically Affect You

Stress affects more than just our psychological health, contribute unwanted effects on our physical as well as emotional health. Because of the amount of pressure we feel at work or the problems we face in our personal lives, our health tends to place only second on the list of priorities we have. Even now your body might be calling out for help without you noticing; below are some signs that stress has physically affected you.

Weariness and Disinterest

Whenever you’re stressed about something, don’t be surprised when it keeps you up at night; sleeps problems are common with people who are stressed. We’re all familiar with those sleepless nights which we usually recover from on the next day, but when they turn into a habit then be prepared for the physical consequences. If you don’t get enough shuteye on a consistent basis, your energy levels are low and you feel tired all throughout the day; it’s not the most amazing feeling in the world.

IBS Condition

A chronic condition that mainly affects the digestive system, IBS or irritable bowel syndrome is a lot more common than you initially thought. But make no mistake, stress is not the main cause of IBS but it enhances the symptoms. The symptoms and bouts of IBS become more severe and frequent whenever it’s mixed with stress; cases are a lot worse for people who are prone to constipation, diarrhoea and an upset stomach. People suffering from these symptoms need to see their doctor as soon as possible and discuss all the application treatment for IBS. There are those that would take various medications in hopes of stumbling upon the best one for them, this is partnered with added probiotics to their diet. On the other hand, there are also those that exercise and see positive results concerning their IBS. If you look at the majority of reported IBS cases, they are actually able to take full control of the mild IBS symptoms by implementing a healthier lifestyle and diet; stress can actually be decreased if you feel good about yourself and your body.

Terrible Headaches

Out of all the headache categories out there, the tension headache would be the most common. If you’re experiencing that terribly stressful moment when you have a lot on your plate and nothing is falling into place, then you’re prone to headaches. Don’t worry, no matter how painful your tension headache might be it’s not a sign of any underlying illnesses that you might have; tension headaches are caused by fatigue, stress and dehydration.

Mild Colds and Coughs

It’s no surprise when a person gets a cold or cough after a lengthy stressful situation; the stress greatly affects the immune system and ultimately the entire performance of the person. Whenever the immune system becomes compromised in any way, the body fails to fend off even the most meagre threats, thus you’re prone to just about any infection and illness out there.