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Nutrients in A Cup: 5 Ways

There are many benefits that water can offer to us. The clarity and pureness of water makes it a necessary component in our body which should be consumed daily to make us feel quenched and hydrated. It is considered healthy because it has no calories and it provides nourishment to our bodies. Sixty percent of our body system contains water. It is therefore important to keep the body hydrated with water and excrete the toxins. Some people are choosy with their drinks and would like consuming unhealthy drinks instead of water. The good thing is that there are other drinks offered that can be good alternatives to water and at the same time, provide nutrients to the body.

Milk is our first source of food. Milk provides benefits to everyone, from babies to adults. It is a source of calcium, protein and healthy fat. You can alternate your food consumption such as servings of vegetables to a glass of milk as both can provide the same amount of calcium. You can enjoy drinking milk during breakfast or before sleeping.

You may not like the sound of vegetable juice in a bottle but you will be surprised of the benefits it can add to our health. Vegetable juice can be tasty when you mix a fruit or two to add sweetness or tanginess. Appreciation of the vegetable juice is possible once the taste buds get used to the flavor. It is also flexible as you can mix varieties of vegetables and fruits to create different tastes daily You will also need a good juicer to make a potent concoction.

If you get tired of the taste of vegetable juice, you can change it up to whole fruit juice. Fruits are sweet because these contain natural sugars and when juicing it, make sure to juice only a good amount and then add water to dilute the sweetness.

Evidently, not everyone enjoys the herby taste of green tea., which is another healthy alternative. There are a lot of green teas to choose from to which all are essentially beneficial to our health. Ashitaba is a good example. Ashitaba can help brain stimulation and perform more activities. If you want to live longer, try consuming Ashitaba green tea. Another selling benefit of Ashitaba is that it can help you lose weight because of its fat-burning content. Adding some extra flavor to the simple tasting green tea can make a difference when consumed. Making your own tea is possible, especially with Ashitaba leaves.

If you do not like a warm drink then prepare the opposite of it. If you do not like the taste of warm green tea, you can turn it into a cool soothing drink by letting the tea chill in the refrigerator.