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Learn Everything There Is to Know About Graviola Graviola is considered to be as one of the most exciting alternative remedy for cancer that was ever discovered in which its medicinal properties have been recognized for many, many years now by the natives living at the Amazon. Medical professionals and researchers alike have been conducting studies and researches pertaining to the said miracle herb since nineteen forty’s and since then, there are still some pharmaceutical industries and universities who continually explore the depths and the hidden wonders of the miracle herb Graviola. There have been many different studies about vitro demonstrated that shows off the anti-cancerous effect of the medicinal properties of graviola and since it has its own traditional usage, it is branded as a cancer fighting herbal supplement. As a matter of fact, every part of the graviola has its own health benefits such as its leaves, barks, seeds as well as fruits which all possesses different health promoting properties that can be very helpful in treating various health problems. Graviola is said to be an herbal medicine that carries various active compounds and chemicals which contains quite an amount of healing properties, one of the said active compound and chemicals is the natural phytochemicals known to be as annonaceous acetogenins which is what many researchers have their attention focused on. Based on the study and research conducted by researchers and medical professionals, it is confirmed that graviola’s annonaceous acetogenins property carries a very potent anti-tumor properties, not to mention that it also exhibits a selective toxic property that is very effective in fighting against tumor cells. Other clinical studies demonstrated the powerful antiviral, anit-tumorous and anti-cancerous properties of one of graviola’s active natural compound, the annonaceous acetogenins.
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Based on the recent studies conducted by medical professionals and researchers, they have found out that the organic componenst of graviola, the acetogenins is said to have a superb property when it comes to inhibiting the process of releasing enzymes that are present specifically in the membrane of the cancerous cells.
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It is also said that the Natural Cancer Institute has been exploring the toxic effects held by graviola against cancerous cells in its screening program for plants which happened way back to the early days of nineteen seventy-six. The screening program of the Natural Cancer Institute performed a demonstration which illustrates its toxic effects that are active which can be found in the leaves and stems of graviola which is effective in fighting against cancerous cells. It was observed in the various studies about vitro which is done to the graviola herb that its natural compound phytochemical acetogenins is said to exhibit toxic effects that are selective which is helpful when it comes to fighting various cancerous cells such as the breast adenocarcinoma which is said to be resistant to drugs, the cell lines that are cancerous which causes colon cancer, the cell lines that are cancerous which causes pancreatic cancer, the cancer cell lines that causes liver cancer, the tumor lines of the breast, the adenocarcinoma in the prostate, as well as the cell lines that are cancerous in the lungs.