The Essentials of Lotions – The Basics

Tips On How To Get The Best Results With Your Self-Tanning Lotion Having a healthy and flawless skin is a dream of everyone. Thanks to products like self-tanning lotion, you can now boast of a beautiful tanned skin. You will be able to get excellent results if you use the best tanning lotion on the market today. These products can be very effective if you will know how to use them properly. The first step that you should take before applying these products is t exfoliate first. It is very important to do this step first in order for the lotion to be very effective. Exfoliating your skin can be a very easy process. While taking a shower, you should scrub yourself. It is very important that you focus on the areas that has skin folds like elbows and knees. After a week if moisturizing your skin, that is the only time that you can apply the tanning lotion. Once your skin is fully moisturized, the effect of the tanning lotion can be very stunning. You have to make sure that your skin is ready before applying a tanning lotion. Excess dirt should be removed, you should apply warm water to your skin in order to do this.
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The tanning lotion should be applied evenly, take your time and do not rush it. It is very crucial to apply the tanning lotion to every part of your body. Just to be sure, you can use an extra hand in applying the tanning lotion. You have to be systematic in your application, focus first on one part before moving to the other. It is by doing this that you will get excellent results.
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It is important that you make sure that you will avoid applying the lotion in a steamy room to prevent the lotion from running of your skin and the result is an uneven skin tone. Always remember to let your body cool down first after taking a bath before doing the actual application of the lotion. You have to make sure that you apply the lotion properly on the part of your body that has skin folds in order to get a natural looking tan. You can get excellent results of you will combine the tanner and the moisturizer. It is also important that you wash your hands often while you are applying the tanning lotion. In order to aid you in the application, you can also use a wet or damp sponge alternately when applying. Before wearing any clothes, it is better to wait for 10-15 minutes. The lotion that you applied will dry up during this time. Staying out too long in the harmful rays of the sun is not a good thing at all. If it is genuine and safe tan you want, you better take the alternative and this is the self-tanning lotion. It is the best products in the market that can provide you with the best results.