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Is Yoga And Massage The Best Combination for Your Health? Yoga and massage can both help you have a healthy mind, spirit and body. Nowadays, there are many kinds of massage and yoga. Each type has its own strengths. Power yoga, Vinyasa yoga, Hatha yoga, Bikram yoga, Kundalini yoga and Iyengar yoga are a few examples of yoga. Power yoga is a good workout, Iyengar yoga correctly aligns your body, Kundalini yoga helps in releasing the energy inside you while the hot Bikram yoga makes it easier to stretch and move. If you are not sure about the kind of yoga that best suits you, you can always try many kinds. Massage, on the other hand, can be administered in several ways. You can choose aromatherapy, Swedish massage, trigger point massage or maternity massage if expectant. You can try out several though if you are unsure which one is most suitable. For example, the health and comfort of an expectant woman and her baby are addressed by the maternity massage. Massage and yoga can both provide three major benefits. They include stress relief, better blood circulation and general flexibility. Yoga increases your ability to stretch while massage boosts natural lubricants in connective tissues. Both lead to a lower blood pressure, which is great for your health. You can also get more relaxed, have higher energy levels, and perform better physically and mentally.
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You may want to try these two exercises to improve your health. But how do you make arrangements for them? Which one comes first? When a massage precedes yoga, it helps stretch your muscles and give them the warmth needed as you maintain one position in a yoga session. In addition, a massage keeps you focused during a yoga session. Choosing to have a massage after will provide you with an amazing, relaxing experience. In essence, it doesn’t really matter which one comes first so long as the order you choose works best.
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These exercise affect your health directly, so you must always consult a doctor before participating in any new activities. What kinds of exercises are best if you are pregnant? Do you have an ailment and in the dark about which exercises best suit you? This is where some advice from the doctor is crucial. If you experience dizziness during a yoga session or feel pain during a massage, you need to inform your instructor immediately. Make sure the yoga instructor or massage therapist that guides you though either of these exercises is experienced and qualified. You would not need to worry in case you feel uncomfortable during a session. Combining massage and yoga will undoubtedly give you a good night’s sleep, enhance flexibility, and generally lead to a healthy life.