5 Easy Ways to Save on Your Coffee  Habit

You need your favorite signature coffee drink to make it through the day. It has become the most exciting and rewarding part of your daily routine. It matters to you that you get to drink tasty, quality coffee.

WebMD reports, studies show some links to coffee lowering your risk of strokes, and it helps prevent irregular heart rhythms. Studies also connect coffee with lowering the possibility of getting Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.

Coffee’s addictive nature and health benefits make it important to you…but also an expensive indulgent. Before you make an attempt to save money by saying goodbye to that cup of joe, let us give you a few tricks that allow you to keep drinking  it without paying too much.

Brew at Home

The most obvious way to save money on coffee purchases is to stop them entirely. Invest in a top-of-the-line coffee maker, and then start making your own roasted blends. We recommend buying a Keurig coffee maker because it brews rich, tasty, dark coffee with little effort. These machines can also be bought at an affordable price, especially when combined with a Keurig coupon.

A major perk of brewing your own coffee is creating Starbucks’ signature flavors for much cheaper than you used to pay for them. Search for the specific drink that you want to imitate, and then let Google guide you to the perfect recipe for it.

Back to Basics

Long before the invention of Starbucks, people were drinking coffee the simple way: black with a few additions. Go back to the stone age by only ordering a black cup of coffee. You’ll save money, get a stronger dose of caffeine, and can add your own sugar, creamer, foam, or syrup for free.

Find a Replacement Energy Booster

Find a natural way to boost your energy so that you’re not so dependent on coffee for it. Shape lists some of the most effective ways to naturally feel more energetic, like getting more sunshine, drinking green tea, and standing more. Staying hydrated and exercising are two of the most critical energy boosters.

Exercising gets your heart racing, brain moving, and a jolt of energy that usually lasts at least a few hours. Balance exercise with eating healthier-especially fruits and vegetables-to really feel the energizing effects of these habits.

Buy or Earn Gift Cards

Starbucks gift cards are often people’s default present when they don’t know what to get someone. Therefore, there are a lot of unwanted gift cards out there in the world. The gift card recipient’s misfortune is your gain. Use trusted and popular discounted gift card sites, like Gift Card Granny, Raise, and eBay. to find Starbucks cards. Additionally, simply ask for gift cards to your favorite coffee shop as presents.

Another way to accumulate gift cards is to complete surveys. Many popular survey sites like Swagbucks pay you in gift cards. The way these sites work is that for every survey you complete, you gain points. Once you reach a certain point threshold, you exchange them for money or prizes. Depending on the site, how often you use it, and points needed, you could end up with enough points to get Starbucks gift cards every month.

Join a Reward Program

If you frequent a coffee shop, rewards program points can quickly add up to free or discounted drinks. Additionally, these customer loyalty programs often offer discounts or free stuff during birthdays and membership anniversaries. To really get the most out of your rewards program, share a card with a friend who also uses that establishment a lot.

You guys earn double the points and can share the perks.