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Possession, cultivation and consumption of hashish or marijuana (hashish) is taken into account illegal in lots of international locations. In truth, this plant has been used in medicine for thousands of years.For more information you can visit Florida Medical Marijuana Doctors
Marijuana is taken into account a natural plant by the physician on the time of the ancestors. These plants are considered as a potential treatment for ache to anxiety.

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Since historic instances, hemp (a sort of hashish plant whose effects are milder than marijuana) is an agricultural product that was used as oil, nut, and the fiber used to make rope and clothes.
China is claimed to be the primary nation to take advantage of hemp. These plants are grown for meals and other benefits. Of this nation as well as medicinal hashish plants were launched to other international locations. Marijuana as a ache medication and different ailments later spread to Asia to the Middle East and Africa.
In line with Chinese legend, the Emperor Shen Neng (2737 BC) was the chief of the official prescribing marijuana tea for remedy. Prior to now it used marijuana to alleviate pain and deal with a variety of circumstances, including asthma veins, rheumatism, malaria, and reminiscence is weak.Follow this link for more information Medical Marijuana Doctors in Florida
However medical doctors have warned patients to not use it excessively because they consider it could make someone “saw the satan”.