Finding a Dentist in the Big Apple

Life in the Big Apple can be hectic, to say the least. Navigating busy streets, overcrowded subways and packed-to-the-brim office buildings on a daily basis can really wear a person down – and longtime NYC residents wouldn’t have it any other way! In addition to being at the center of the country’s respective arts, culture and fashion scenes, living in New York City affords residents a plethora of options in a variety of areas. Case in point: dentistry. When looking for the right dentist in NYC, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of options. Still, provided you take the following qualities into account, you should have no problem finding your next big city dentist.

Easy to Schedule

To call life in New York City busy would be a massive understatement. Many of the people who live and work in NYC feel like they’re constantly on-the-go and being pulled every which way. That being the case, a dental practice that provides flexible scheduling is a dream come true for a sizable number of New Yorkers. This is where Brooklyn-based Park Slope Dental enters the picture. Whether you’re scheduling an appointment months in advance or need a same-day squeeze-in, chances are we can deftly accommodate your schedule.


The only real downside to residing in the Big Apple is the exorbitant cost of living. In fact, a staggering number of New Yorkers spend well over half their income on rent. Not surprisingly, then, most NYC residents will hop on any opportunity to save a buck. Home to some of the most affordable dentists in Brooklyn, Park Slope Dental is pleased to offer first-rate cleanings, cosmetic procedures and minor surgeries for prices that are affordable on virtually any budget.


You shouldn’t let just any dentist root around in your mouth. When shopping around for a new dental practice, you’d be wise to keep an eye out for dentists who have years of experience under their belt. With decades of dental experience and a highly-knowledgeable staff, Park Slope prides itself on making all patients feel safe, secure and cared for.

With nearly 10 million residents, New York City is the country’s most populous metropolis. As such, the city is home to fair number of dental practices. However, not each of these practices is equally obliging. To ensure that you wind up with the right NYC dentist, limit your options to practices that embody the favorable qualities discussed above.