I Was Losing My Hair

It seems that men have all the luck as they age. They look more dignified in their wrinkles, and their balding heads can be quite sexy for a lot of women. However, wrinkles and hair loss on a woman has quite the opposite effect. While I did not suffer from wrinkles just yet, I was having a problem with hair loss when I hit my 40s. I talked to my doctor about it because I knew that I was too young to be experiencing this, and he recommended that I see a dermatologist in Los Angeles.

He gave me a couple of different dermatologists as recommendations, but there was no contest for which one I was going to visit after I looked at their websites. I am the type of person who will not just have blind faith when it comes to a doctor. I want to know all that I can to make sure I am seeing one that is a good fit for me. I felt confident of this after looking at the website for the LA Laser and Skin Center. They had an entire page on hair loss, and I felt like I was already more educated just from reading that.

I made an appointment because I wanted to not only find out why my hair loss was happening but I also wanted to find a cure for it. The good news is that there are a lot of treatment options, but the only way to find out which one was a good fit for me was to actually go and get examined. I was happy when I saw that I was eligible for one of their programs, and my hair is thick and full today. What a difference just a few months can make in a woman’s confidence!