Mental Health Psychology

A person can be said to be healthy in body and soul, if healthy, if a person is a healthy body but not his soul, just like a sick person. The soul is meant here is one’s psychic, including mental health. That’s why their mental health. Due to be healthy as a whole is necessary not only healthy physically but also mentally healthy.

The term mental health is taken from the concept of mental hygiene, a mental word derived from the Greek, the same understanding of the psyche in latin meaning discussed psychic, mental or psychological. Mental hygiene refers to the development and application of a set of practical principles are directed to the achievement and maintenance of the psychological elements and the prevention of the possibility of damage to mental or maladjustment.For more information you can visit

Aspects of the human psyche is basically a unity with biological systems, as a sub-system of human existence, the psychological aspect is always interacting with all aspects of humanity. Because that’s the psychological aspect can not be separated to see the side of the human soul.

There are several aspects of the psyche that helped influence on mental health, among others:

The early experience early experience is all experiences that occur in individuals especially those that occurred in the past. This early experience is an important part and even crucial for the mental condition of the individual in a later day.needs Meeting the needs can improve one’s mental health. People who have reached actualization that is, those who exploit and all types of aptitude, skills fully, will reach the level of what is called with different levels of experience summit.Dalam various studies found that people who experience mental disorders, is caused by the inability of the individual meets his needs, Requirement in question here is the basic needs are arranged in a hierarchy. Biological needs, safety needs, including the need to be loved, the need of self-esteem, knowledge, beauty and self-actualization needs.

Disorders and mental illness

Are people who find anomalies or complaints. In the body caused by emotional factors through conditions that cause changes that are not an easy recovery, for example it is difficult to sleep when a lot of problems, loss of appetite, overeating.

Personality Disorder
Patients difficult to adapt to the social environment. For example, people like exploding emotions.

Mental Retardation
Is the retardation or developmental delays a person’s soul. Examples in understanding something new in science can or new words, the way he understood too long.

Where people often distort the facts concerned with his own individual ego or in the other sense of his own conscience distort the resulting confidence is lost.