Short Notice for a Urine Drug Test? Pass It Fast

When Do Companies Conduct Drug Tests?

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We all know that employment drug screenings are standard for both federal and non-federal regulated industries and companies. It starts as part of the pre-employment process in which the candidate has to be completely clear from drug byproducts and metabolites to begin working.

At the same time, companies have rights based on their drug policy acts to conduct random alcohol and drug tests for current employees. 

However, they have to notify them beforehand by creating a drug-testing policy, which is a mandatory document that will protect the company against discriminations and other liabilities that may happen.

Sometimes it is challenging to cleanse yourself, and you still wish to land a dream job that you want.

Some Drug Tests Are Mandatory


When it comes to private employers, you should have in mind that they do not have a legal requirement to conduct screenings. They are doing it for safety reasons and maintaining the overall productivity that will improve the business in general.

On the other hand, companies that are working in transportation, transit, aviation, defense, and safety have mandatory requirements to test both employees and applicants for both alcohol and drug consumption.

At the same time, other industries that feature mandatory testing are schools, media corporations, hospitals, as well as universities. If you are a county, state, and federal employee or applicant, you may have to pass a test so that you can continue working in your company. That is why you should check out the article on how to beat a drug test in a week so that you can reduce the hassle and pass it with ease.

Drug Testing Regulations

Testing regulations vary from state to state, and it depends on the specific industry you want to work. We have mentioned above that companies that are under the Department of Transportation have to pass DOT drug screenings so that they can maintain the certification and license.

On the other hand, some other states have limitations as well as regulations that employers have to follow if they want to test employees. 

We recommend you to check your state drug laws so that you can get information on screenings and which regulations are relevant in the place you are working and living. You should click here to learn more on rights that employees have when it comes to random drug screenings. 

When Should You Expect Drug Screening?

  • Pre-Employment Drug Testing – We have to start by saying that if state law permits it, job applicants have to pass drug tests as part of the hiring process. Have in mind that employer has to give you a notice that you should do it because that is mandatory regulation that will protect your privacy rights. At the same time, they cannot give you an offer of employment until you pass the test. They can quickly determine whether you are the right candidate based on the results, so in case you fail a test, you can promptly be declined for a job offer.

It is vital to note that if you are using prescription medications, you should check what your employer thinks about it by reading the drug-testing policy. Everything depends on whether you are using medications recreationally or to treat a specific condition. The best thing that you can do is to talk with the employer face to face and get all medical documents that will prove that you are using prescription medications only temporary to treat a specific condition.

The problem can happen in the case that you’re applying for a dangerous and risky job, because some meds can cause impairment and lack of concentration, and that is the first step towards an accident in which you can hurt yourself and other employees too. Even though it may be awkward for you to get in front of the employer and tell him/her that you consume meds, it is much better to say upfront than to wait the worst possible moment to do it.

  • Employee Drug Screening – Testing your current employees can happen randomly or due to some specific reason. However, you need to have an appropriate policy that will thoroughly explain the testing methods, as well as other guidelines that everyone would memorize for future needs. Random drug testing is also common among employers, especially the ones that want to create a drug-free working environment.

Another reason for conducting employee drug screening is if the company have reasonable doubt that someone is under the influence due to numerous reasons such as lack of performance, constant lateness, or in case of an accident. At the same time, you have to remember that drug screening is also standard as part of the promotion offer. In case you do not pass it or refuse to take it, the company can terminate your employment or subject you to disciplinary actions.

Illegal Drugs That You Should Avoid If You Wish To Pass a Test

Apart from alcohol that requires breathalyzer, companies are searching for the presence of other illicit substances as well as legal ones too. 

In case that you’re consuming prescription meds for depression, anxiety, pain, or other reasons, you should bring relevant documentation as proof that you can conduct a specific job you wish to apply to. 

The most common drugs that are screened in employment drug tests are amphetamines, cocaine, alcohol, PCP, cocaine, and THC. If some companies want to undergo further analysis for illegal substances, they can choose 8-panel or 10-panel test.

  • 8-Panel Test – When it comes to this particular test, apart from substances we have mentioned above, it can detect the presence of benzodiazepines, barbiturates, and methaqualone. 
  • 10-Panel Test – This specific type of testing includes substances from 8-panel tests as well as for propoxyphene and methadone. 

Have in mind that for some substances such as anabolic steroids, inhalants, hallucinogens, MDMA, and hydrocodone, you have to undergo additional testing. We recommend you to enter this site:

Everything depends on the screening that the employer decides to conduct, but in all cases, you should stop with consumption so that you can pass it with ease. 

In case you have a small period to cleanse yourself, you can use various detox remedies that will help you along the way.