Skincare Tips That Dermatologists Follow

If you want to know what really works, find out what the experts do. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of skincare tips that dermatologists swear by for their own skin.

Always Wear Sunscreen

Known as the number one cause of premature ageing, protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays is an important steps in skincare. Either put on sunscreen as a base layer or choose a moisturiser or foundation that includes it. Don’t forget the delicate skin on your neck, décolletéand the tips of your ears, which are all prone to burning. See the NHS site for more information on sunscreen (

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Bronzer and Blush

Nothing enhances your natural glow like a hint of blush or a light dusting of bronzer. For a natural look, choose a creme blusher to give your skin a dewy feel. Bronzer that is a shade or two darker than your natural skin tone will give a healthy glow without the worry of looking orange.


Battle Inflammation

You are what you eat, and a handful of almonds includes some essential fatty acids that can help battle fine lines and wrinkles. Oily fish have the same ingredients, and both will help calm sensitive skin.

On that note, if you are prone to sensitivity make sure that your skincare range is right for your skin type. Use something like the Avene Sensitive Skin Gift Set (available from to properly clean and mosturise even the most delicate skin.


Quit Soda

You might be surprised to learn that a can of diet soda contains as much as 50mg of sodium (about the same amount as a small pinch of salt) and this can lead to puffiness around the eyes and jawline. Choose sodium-free fizzy drinks or water instead, to hydrate your skin from the inside out. If you prefer your drinks hot then both green and black tea contain flavins which help protect against skin cancer.

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Stay Fresh

Talking of moisture, a quick spritz with water can help keep your skin hydrated. Keep a spray in the car or in your office to help battle the drying effects of air conditioning.

Finally, try and stay well rested and stress free by building time for rest and relaxation into your day. We know – easier said than done, but if busy dermatologists can do it, surely we can too?